Adventure Games: The Dungeon (English) (KOS1447)

Adventure Games: The Dungeon (English) (KOS1447)
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Brand: Lautapelit
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Go on adventures with friends and family, and solve mysterious puzzles in this mystery board game from KOSMOS - Adventure Games: The Dungeon.In the Adventure Games board games, players are greeted with a mysterious story, which they must solve during the game by collaborating with each other, exploring areas, looking for clues and combining individual elements of the story, to form an overview of the overall picture. The story can change depending on the choices you make, and once a choice is made, there is no going back.In The Dungeon , players wake up in a prison cell in the Middle Ages with no recollection of how they ended up there. What’s going on in this prison, and how do you get out? Over 3 chapters, players will explore the different spaces, combine clues and maybe even find out what’s lurking in the dark spaces of the old castle.Recommended age 15+Number of players: 1-4Total playing time: about 75 minutes