American Crew - Fiber Grooming Foam 200 ml

American Crew - Fiber Grooming Foam 200 ml
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Brand: American Crew
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Fiber Grooming Foam from American Crew, is a very special styling product for men. This super lightweight foam does not weigh down the hair and is fiber based, allowing you to create a volume you can re-style during the day. In addition, it gives the hair a light shine, making it look healthy, radiant and full-bodied. The American Crew Fiber Grooming Foam is medium-sized so you can easily control fly hair and make it sit right in the closet without it becoming quite stiff and unshakable. Create a natural and delicious hairstyle that you can style during the day to suit any occasion.Application:Shake the container thoroughly before useApply the required amount in damp hairStyle as desired by air-drying, or blow-drying your hairBenefits:Great styling product from American CrewSuper light foamCreates a delicious volumeLight shineMakes your hair look healthy, radiant and full-bodiedMedium holdControls lightly frizzy hair