American Crew - Techseries Boost Spray 200 ml

American Crew - Techseries Boost Spray 200 ml
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Brand: American Crew
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Techseries Boost Spray from American Crew is a delicious dry shampoo for men who prepares the hair for the perfect styling. This spray absorbs excess oil in the hair so that it does not feel greasy or just flat but feels light and ready to style. American Crew Techseries Boost Spray adds volume and texture to the hair, providing the best conditions for great styling, and allows you to skip a hair wash every now and then.Application:Shake the bottle thoroughlyApply at the roots of the hair with a distance of 20-25 cmCan be used in wet and dry hairSpread the product around with your fingers and you’re ready to styleBenefit:Effective American Crew dry shampooAbsorbs excess oilMakes hair easy to styleAdds volume and texture