Anthony - Shave Gel 177 ml

Anthony - Shave Gel 177 ml
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Brand: Anthony
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One of the most well-known shaving brands in the United States has made a near perfect shaving gelWith Anthony Shave Gel you get a super close shave. This shaving gel is especially suitable for sensitive skin. Aloe Vera Gel moisturizes, soothes and heals the skin. Seaweed counteracts red and inflamed skin. Eucalyptus disinfects, cools and refreshes. Peppermint counteracts the burning sensation that many experience when shaving. Rosemary cleanses the skin.ApplicationMoisten the face with lukewarm waterSqueeze a little Shave Gel into the wet palms and spread on the faceRinse the razor blade frequently while shaving.AdvantageAwesome Shave Gel from AnthonyIs made for sensitive skinMoisturizes, soothes and heals the skinCounteracts puffy skinCleanses the skin