Art Puzzle - Hans Scherfig NO3 (500 pieces)

Art Puzzle - Hans Scherfig NO3 (500 pieces)
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Put your problem-solving skills to the test with a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Art Puzzle that creates unique jigsaw puzzles with artwork.The Art Puzzle series of puzzles depicts a series of paintings by several well-known painters. The mix between puzzles and paintings gives people an opportunity to immerse themselves even more in the beautiful paintings, and to explore all the small details.It’s a treat to get involved with Hans Scherfig’s primeval forest image, which is full of life. There are actually more than 35 animals hiding in the picture and when all the pieces are collected, you have had not only rhinos and elephants, but also crocodiles, lizards, squirrels, gibbons, half monkeys, snakes, dragonflies and a lot of different birds in hand.Product information:Hans Scherfig puzzle with 500 piecesThe box contains a large print of motif (46 x 61 cm)