Assouline I Silvia Furmanovich

Assouline I Silvia Furmanovich
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The art of fine jewellery is part of Silvia Furmanovich’s DNA. A Brazil native born into a family of goldsmiths, she is a visionary jeweller who pushes the boundaries of adornment through unconventional combinations of precious stones, natural materials, and traditional craftsmanship. With an artist’s eye and an explorer’s heart, Furmanovich travels the world in search of inspiration and translates her findings into pieces that evoke their source and convey a unique sense of style all at once. To experience her work is to be transported through time and space—from the Amazon rainforest to the ateliers of Renaissance Italy and the extravagant courts of the Mughal Empire. Deeply inspired by the natural world and the history of ornamentation, Furmanovich’s singular approach to fine jewellery design has dazzled connoisseurs for years, and her one-of-a-kind creations have been honoured with awards and sought by discerning collectors around the world. This beautifully illustrated monograph provides the first in-depth look at Furmanovich’s expansive oeuvre, highlighting the intricate beauty of her work alongside the worldly wonders and craft traditions that have inspired them. Here are stories about the craftsmen that have helped bring some of Furmanovich’s most magnificent pieces to life: Master miniature painters in India; Native American women who practice intricate beading; and a Brazilian artisan who has preserved the ancient art of wood marquetry in his small Amazonian community. Pairing Furmanovich’s intricate creations with beautiful art historical references, Silvia Furmanovich will inspire jewellery connoisseurs, art aficionados, and anyone with a creative spirit.