Badehotellet Sæson 6 - Blu Ray

Badehotellet Sæson 6 - Blu Ray
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Watch season 6 of the popular TV series ‘Badehotellet’.The summer of 1939. It has been six years since we were last with guests and staff at the small beach hotel. A lot has changed in the meantime, but not the regulars’ desire to put each other up here in the outer dune row. Here one is comfortably at a distance from everything that is happening in the wider world, not least Germany’s rearmament, violation of neighboring countries, persecution of dissidents and the abolition of democracy. Hitler’s actions arouse admiration in certain circles in Denmark, horror in others. But the vast majority in this country have enough in everyday small problems. This also applies to the beach hotel, where dreams, plans, love affairs and intrigue are paramount. Until the world outside - at least for some of the guests - demands a stance for or against.Buy Badehotellet Season 6 as Blu-Ray at Coolshop.