Baobab | Cities | Mykonos | Max 24

Baobab | Cities | Mykonos | Max 24
Categories: Sketch books
Color: Blue
Size: Height 24cm, Weight 2.2kg, Estimated burning: 400 hours, 5 wicks,
295 GBP
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Basil - Jasmine - Patchouli Mykonos, a fragrant basil, jasmine and patchouli candle, is decorated with a silk slip representing the marvellous village from which is takes its name. The stylised drawing has been hand-crafted by artisans. When lit, the sheer silk highlights the beauty of the architecture depicted on this jasmine candle. Jasmine notes mingle with patchouli candle scent and basil: candle fragrances that whisk you away to a sun-drenched summer. Its perfume of basil, jasmine and patchouli will whisk you away on the scent of a sun-drenched summer.