Batiste - 3 x Dry Shampoo Pink Pineapple 200 ml

Batiste - 3 x Dry Shampoo Pink Pineapple 200 ml
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Brand: Batiste
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Are you looking for a miraculous product that can spice you and your hair up at any time, while giving you a summery scent?It sounds almost too much to ask, but do not despair, because at Coolshop we have exactly the product you are looking for!The Batiste Pink Pineapple dry shampoo is a product that you should not be without. Here, we are talking about a product that you can take with you wherever you are, so you can look like a million at any given time.The dry shampoo is ideal for those days when you do not have plenty of time to wash your hair - why? Well, it’s because this dry shampoo can quickly cleanse your hair and brighten up your look. The shampoo gives you clean and full hair, which you can more easily style according to your needs.The shampoo gives you a wonderful scent, which is based on fruit cocktails as well as pomegranate, pineapple, apple and guava.With this shampoo you get more time for yourself in the morning as you do not have to wash your hair.Application:Batiste Pink Pineapple should be sprayed into your hair while it is dry at a distance of approx. 15-20 cm for the best possible effectLet the shampoo dry for a few minutesThen straighten the hair with your fingers or a sturdy brushLastly, you can style your hair the way you want itAdvantage:The dry shampoo is suitable for all hair typesThe dry shampoo has the ability of absorbing oil and grease residues from your hairThe dry shampoo adds texture and fullness to your hairYou can use this shampoo between hair washes to your advantageYou get clean and fresh hairYour hair gets a fresh and summery scent of sweet and delicious fruitsThe dry shampoo is easy to useParaben free