Beurer - PC 100 PostureControl

Beurer - PC 100 PostureControl
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Brand: Beurer
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Your back will thank you In a time where many people have inactive jobs, back problems have become a widespread dilemma. When sitting down for extended periods, your back is strained, which can result in back pain and poor posture. Bad posture is a direct path to back problems, but a healthy posture can fortunately be trained with PC 100 PostureControl! Beurer has, in collaboration with startup company 8sense, developed the innovative PostureControl clip that seeks to counteract back pain. With the “8sense” app you can track, analyze and improve your posture and body movements via your virtual coach. The clip attaches to the neck of your clothing and updates you on your posture using small vibrations and messages on your smartphone. The position assistant will help you for a dynamic everyday life. If you sit in the same position for too long at a time, you will be notified via the app. The app detects micro-movements, changes in position as well as periods when you sit upright. This makes you more aware of your posture and can relieve unilateral muscle strain. The PC 100 measures 60 x 25 x 7.2 mm and weighs only 14 grams, making it very convenient. A USB adapter is included for chargingEan: 4211125639501 / PC100