Beurer- WL 32 Wake-Up Light - 3 Years Warranty

Beurer- WL 32 Wake-Up Light - 3 Years Warranty
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Brand: Beurer
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With this Beurer wake-up light WL 32, you will wake up naturally, feeling refreshed, relaxed and energetic! This alarm clock with wake-up light is easy to operate. The simulated sunrise gradually intensifies 15 or 30 minutes before the alarm or radio. This alarm clock can set with 2 alarm times and 10 radio channels. With the snooze function, you can continue to doze by simply pressing the snooze button. The light has 5 colours for you to choose, so there is always a colour that suits your mood. You can set your own alarm sound by connecting the alarm to your phone or MP3 player with the included AUX cable. The wake-up light can also be used as a reading lamp or a night light. In addition to mains power, the light also runs on batteries. Please note that batteries are not included in delivery.