Biotherm -Biosource Fresh Foam Hydra-toning cleanser 150 ml

Biotherm -Biosource Fresh Foam Hydra-toning cleanser 150 ml
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Brand: Biotherm
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Biotherm Biosource Foaming Cleanser is a wonderful cleansing mousse for the face that is suitable for normal / combination skin. The cleansing mousse is a gentle formula that effectively cleanses the skin free of dirt and stimulates the skin’s natural balance and thereby also gives it new vitality. The gentle formula, loosens and removes even the most durable and powerful makeup. The cleansing mousse contains Life Plankton, which is rich in as many as 36 vitamins and minerals, it has a calming effect on the skin and at the same time it makes the skin moisturized, soft and ready to absorb the subsequent care.Application:Moisten the face with waterDispense the jelly in the palm of your handWork it around with water until it foams wellGently massage into face with circular motions, avoiding contact with eyesRinse with copious amounts of lukewarm waterUsed daily in the morning and eveningBenefits:Facial cleansing mousse from BiothermSuitable for Normal / Combined skinGentle formulaCleans effectivelyStimulates the skin’s natural balanceGives new vitalityCleanses the skin free of dirt and bacteriaRemoves durable and powerful makeupContains Life PlanktonRich in 36 vitamins and mineralsSoothes the skinMoisturizes and softensPrepare the skin to absorb the subsequent care