Biotherm - Homme Shaving Gel 150 ml

Biotherm - Homme Shaving Gel 150 ml
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Biotherm - Homme Shaving Gel is the perfect gel for those who suffer from irritable skin in connection with shaving!There is almost nothing worse than suffering from rashes and pimples after a shave. In other words, we HATE that problem! At least you don’t have to deal with that problem anymore.Now, you can solve the problem with this, according to us, magic gel, which helps with problems such as rashes, pimples and ingrown hairs after shaving. This shaving gel’s formula is based on the well-known alga Laminaria and the mineral Zinc, which protects you from impurities and speeds up the healing process in minor tears.The abilities of the algae are that they are anti-bacterial and therefore prevent the formation of bacteria in the surface of the skin. The formula of this gel ensures you a healthier and more comfortable shave, and you no longer have to worry about pimples, rashes or other bacteria. This gel is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially good against irritated skin while you shave.Application:Moisturize your skin well with warm waterThen apply this gel on your skin and then shaveAdvantage:Foaming shaving gelGood for irritable skinHelps you with rashes and irritated skinCounteracts pimples and ingrown hairsAccelerates the healing process in minor tearsFights bacteria and prevents future onesProvides a simple and comfortable shaveCan be used on all skin types