Claessens Kids - Kid'Sleep - Clock - Grey

Claessens Kids - Kid'Sleep - Clock - Grey
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Brand: Claessens Kids
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The figurine is illuminated in the sleeping position, so the child knows it still has to sleep. At the set time it goes into the waking position, so it is time to get up! The mini night light emits a reassuring glow. Because of the ‘inverted’ pointer of the alarm, it is easy for the child to see how long it will be before it is time to get up. The digital display facilitates learning to tell the time. “Mushroom” button: snooze alarm and illumination of the display. 3 possible alarm modes: train, cuckoo or birdsong! The sound volume of the alarm clock gradually increases until the child wakes up.Function:Alarm and sleep training functionDigital display that facilitates the learning time (assorted pictures) 3 alarms + silent modeEU Plug inUses 2xAA batteries