Clarins - Men Super Moisture Gel 50 ml

Clarins - Men Super Moisture Gel 50 ml
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Brand: Clarins
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Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel for men is a face cream that moisturizes, nourishes and adds new energy. It is a great gel for the man with a dry skin that needs extra care. Once applied, the gel penetrates quickly into the skin. This means that the skin is not left with an oily feeling, but instead with a soft and delicious skin. In addition to adding intense moisture to extra dry skin, it also has a strengthening effect. This means that the skin is protected against external influences for a longer period of time. A rich, nourishing and cooling gel that soothes the skin after shaving, has a firming effect, and gives the skin extra energy due to the high content of bison grass, Chinese galanga and purslane, among other things. Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel is also fantastically good for the man who practices extreme sports, as it protects against even wind and weather. Application:Apply morning and eveningCan be used on the face and neckBenefits:Great gel for men from ClarinsFace creamMoisturizes and nourishes the skinAdds new energyParticularly good for extra dry skinAbsorbed quicklyEnsures that the skin is not left with a greasy feelingAdds intense moisture to the skinHas a strengthening effectProtects against external influences on the skinSoothes the skin after shavingTensionerGood for extreme sportsProtects yourself from wind and weather if you are the type who practices extreme sports