Clinique - Deep Comfort Body Lotion - 400 ml

Clinique - Deep Comfort Body Lotion - 400 ml
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Brand: Clinique
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This super delicious bodylotion from Clinique wraps your skin into a calming blanket of intensive moist. The bodylotion has a rich, creamy formula, which is quickly absorbed and counteracts dryness. The bodylotion gives you a feeling of complete, pleasant moisturized skin. The bodylotion has a practical metering pump. Use after shower or whwn you need a little extra moist. Pay attention to dry areas like elbows and knees. Application:Apply on clean and dry skinApply all over the bodyUse as neededBenefits:Super delicious bodylotion from CliniqueGives intensive moist for your body Rich and creamy formula Absorbed quicklyLeaves you skin with a pleasant feelingCounteracts dryness