Codenames - Disney Family Edition (Danish) (USACE00400)

Codenames - Disney Family Edition (Danish) (USACE00400)
Categories: Greeting Cards
Brand: Asmodee
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You already know this year’s adult game 2016 Codenames - now you can play the popular game in a fun Disney version. Codenames Disney Family Edition combines the popular party game Codenames with images and words from Disney’s huge catalog of movies, from the last 90 years. It is a game that is fun for both children and adults and is a perfect game for the whole family. Two teams of 2-8 players compete against each other by collaborating, inventing and decoding creative passwords. Each team has a team leader who is the only one who knows where the treasure is. The team leader provides clues to their team in the form of passwords, which should help the team find all the treasures first. But beware of the wrong answers, as the cards may belong to the competing team, or even the Game Over card! Product information: Number of players: 2-8 Playing time: 15 min Recommended age: 8+ Language Danish