Creed: Rise to Glory (VR)

Creed: Rise to Glory (VR)
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: MGM
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Live Your LegacyChallenge both your body and mind as you experience the ascent of Adonis Creed from undiscovered underdog to world-class fighter, all within an immersive universe inspired by the Creed™ films. Train with the legendary Rocky Balboa in iconic gyms, then step into the spotlight and take down a cast of champion-level opponents, including familiar fighters from the Creed universe as well as an array of new contenders. Play Your WayMultiple game modes let you choose your path to glory. Live the saga of Adonis Creed in the story-based Career mode, learning and growing alongside Rocky as you train for bigger and more prestigious championship fights. Want to polish your punches and sharpen your reaction time? Let Training mode get you in shape with montage-inspired endurance exercises. And when you just feel like a fight, create custom matches in Freeplay against a wide range of opponents.Settle the ScorePvP just got a lot more personal. Choose your champion, then set up a custom fight with a friend or challenge unassuming contenders in Quick Match. Precise upper-body tracking ensures each blow resonates where it lands—on both your opponent and yourself.