Cyberpunk 2077 M8Z Dexter Deshawn Plush

Cyberpunk 2077 M8Z Dexter Deshawn Plush
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Brand: Jinx
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Are you as big a fan of Cyberpunk as we are? Now you can bring the game into the real world with these plush figures from Cyberpunk.Can’t get enough of Cyberpunk either? At least we can not. That’s why we at Coolshop have procured a lot of different merchandise from the game, so we can also experience the game in the real world. There are many different collections of merchandise made for Cyberpunk 2077, including this M8Z series, made in collaboration with J! NX.This figure from the M8Z series is made after the character Dexter Deshawn, who is the best fixer in the whole of Night City. The Dexter Deshawn figure is about 22 cm tall, and can even stand up without help. The figure has many character-rich details, including his iconic sunglasses, his stylish bling and his cybernetic enhancements.Perfect for all agesAbout 22cm tall