Dantoy - ATV-All Terrain Vehicle (3360)

Dantoy - ATV-All Terrain Vehicle (3360)
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Cool Quad Vehicle in a solid green color able to hold up to 50 kg. Seat height from floor 29 cm.Product size: 30 x 63 x 40 cmDantoy is Eco Friendly toysDantoy will minimise every harmful impact on the environment. They have implemented eco-friendly processes to manage consumption of energy, water and raw materials and to prevent the possibility of accidental releases or emissions via the manufacturing process. The toys are made of raw materials that do not contain harmful substances. Using bioplastic to make toys helps minimise the carbon emissions compared to plastic made from hydrocarbon materials. Dantoy’s products are also licensed to bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Having the Nordic Swan Ecolabel on their products obligates dantoy to comply with requirements stipulated for all processes throughout the life cycle. This goes well with the fact that dantoy possesses the international ISO 14001 environmental certificate.