Dennis Knudsen PRIVATE - Natural Caviar Saltwater Spray 150 ml

Dennis Knudsen PRIVATE - Natural Caviar Saltwater Spray 150 ml
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Brand: Dennis Knudsen
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Dennis ’Saltwater Spray gives your hair volume and hold. The chosen composition in the product, gives your hair texture with volume and a matte finish. SPF protection has been added, and the oyster extract ensures a revitalized and healthy look. Dennis´PRIVATE tip: Use the product in wet hair before blow-drying, or use it in dry hair before using blow-dry, straighteners or heat curlers. For thousands of years, numbers and symbolism have played an important role for many generations. Dennis also believes that numbers can tell you something. The number 285 is chosen to give your hair volume, texture / balance & life. 8 for strength and confidence as well as 5 make the hair stand naturally sharp, but soft and beautiful for a long life and wealth.Application:For extra volume, lift the hair in rows and spray on damp / dry hair near the hair roots before drying with a blow dryerIf you use it in dry hair - blow dry afterwards as wellIdeal to use before toupeeing and setting up hair so it lasts betterAlternatively, you can use it in wet hair to get a raw beach lookBenefits:Salt water spray from Dennis KnudsenProvides fullness and textureMat finishSPF protectionWith extracts of oysters