Depot - No. 604 Moisturizing Hand Lotion w. Citrus & Herbs 200 ml

Depot - No. 604 Moisturizing Hand Lotion w. Citrus & Herbs 200 ml
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: Depot The Male Tools & Co.
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Before you is the saviour of cracked and dry handsDepot No. 604 Hand Lotion Citrus & Herbs is the hand lotion that ensures good, moisturizing care of your hands that make them feel like new. It treats with a nourishing mix of shea butter, vitamins as well as rice, argan and jojoba oils that protect the hands and has a softening and caring effect. The hand lotion’s content of glycerin and sorbitol moisturizes and creates balance, which ensures an optimal moisture level in the skin, making it particularly suitable for dry hands. With a refreshing scent of citrus fruits and herbs from the Mediterranean, it quickly becomes part of a healthy routine that your hands will thank you for.Application:Pump an appropriate amount of hand lotion into the palm of your hand.Massage into the hands.Use after washing your hands or when they need care and moisture.Advantages:Great moisturizing hand lotion developed for men by Depot.Softens your hands.Suitable for everyone, but especially dry hands.Maintains the moisture level.Improves skin structure and surface.Nurtures and nourishes.Scent of citrus and herbs.