Depot - No. 901 Ambient Fragrance Candle - White Ceder

Depot - No. 901 Ambient Fragrance Candle - White Ceder
Categories: Accessories
Brand: Depot The Male Tools & Co.
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Freshen up your flat with a scent that blows your date awayDepot No. 901 Ambient Fragrance Candle is a scented candle that belongs in every modern man’s home who is not afraid to impress. It fits in any room and fills it with an inviting and sensual scent that comes in several fragrances. The scented candle is especially suitable for a date or cozy evening with your significant other where you can score a little extra points for setting the mood.Application:Shorten the wick to 0.5 cm and center it in the light.Turn on the light with a lighter or match.If you leave the scented candle on for at least 4-5 hours and allow the surface wax to melt completely, the life of the candle is extended.Allow the light to cool completely before turning it on again.Always remember to turn off the light when leaving the room.Advantages:Aromatic scented candle by Depot.Refreshing scent.Refreshes the room.For the modern home.Available in several wonderful fragrances.