Depot - No. 902 Ambient Fragrance Spray - White Cedar

Depot - No. 902 Ambient Fragrance Spray - White Cedar
Categories: Accessories
Brand: Depot The Male Tools & Co.
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Having a fragrant and inviting home has never been easierDepot No. 902 Ambient Fragrance Spray is a practical and flexible fragrance spray that gives you full control over the scent in your home. It is used in the exact room you want to create a pleasant scent and inviting atmosphere, without it filling the entire home. The fragrance spray is available with several scents, letting you advantageously have more to create a varied and sensual impression in different rooms of you home.Application:Spray the scent into the air with light squeezes.Let the scent spread.To avoid unwanted stains, do not spray directly on textiles.Use the spray in exactly the rooms you want.Refresh as needed.Advantages:Fragrance spray for the home by Depot.Refreshing scent.Refreshes the room.Creates a nice atmosphere.Available in several wonderful fragrances.