Depot - Texturazing Dust 7 G

Depot - Texturazing Dust 7 G
Categories: Accessories
Brand: Depot The Male Tools & Co.
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Gorgeous hair with fullness is no longer a cumbersome process that takes a long time to makeDepot No. 309 Texturizing Dust is a matte volumizing powder that makes it easy for you to make a bold hairstyle with fullness and texture that stands out. Its simple application in the form of a simple press gives you superb control where you can focus on specific areas of the hair you want to give fullness. The volumizing powder is suitable for all hair types, but especially fine and thin hair as it naturally has less volume and the product’s natural silica content creates maximum fullness. The matte finish is the crown jewel, which ensures a stylish look where sunglasses aren’t needed to enjoy it.Application:Spray on dry hair.Style your hair as you wish.Advantages:Fantastic volumizing powder developed for men by Depot.Creates fullness in the hair.Increases hair elasticity and density.Recommended for all hair types, but especially fine and thin hair.Provides light hold.Easy and effective in use.Emollient effect.