Derma - Selftanning Mousse Instant 150 ml

Derma - Selftanning Mousse Instant 150 ml
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Brand: Derma
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Achieve an instant natural and beautiful summer glow with this soft self-tanning mousse for body and face.Derma Self-tanning Mousse Instant, with its content of caramel pigment, has a self-tanning effect that shows up in 2-6 hours. The caramel-colored mousse gives a natural, beautiful tan color and is easy to distribute and apply, so you achieve a nice, even result. It contains moisturizing aloe vera and glycerin, leaving your skin soft, supple and well-groomed. Derma Self-tanning Mousse Instant is both Nordic Ecolabelled and vegan certified by the Vegan Society and without unnecessary chemistry. It is perfume-free and thus minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritations. The mousse is even in packaging made primarily from recycled material and rated as a good choice by the Danish Consumer Council with a ‘green flask’ in the Chemistry Magnifier.Application:Pump mousse out by handDistribute on clean and dry skinBe careful to tone it out at the hairline, around the eyebrows and at the ankles, feet, knees and elbowsFor optimal results, you can before applying the self-tanner, cleanse and exfoliate the skin with a scrub and subsequently care for the skin with a moisturizing lotionThe color result can be intensified and built up by further layersIf you do not use a glove, wash your hands thoroughly after applicationAvoid bathing for the first six hours after applicationNote that Self-tanning Mousse Instant can cause stains on textiles and other surfacesTherefore, remember to let the product dry completely into the skin before contact with theseAdvantage:Self-tanning mousse Instant from DermaNatural and beautiful summer glowEffect appears after 2-6 hoursEasy to applyMoisturizing ingredientsSoftens the skinNordic EcolabelledVegan certified by the Vegan SocietyFree of perfumeMade in packaging primarily from recycled materialsRated as a good choice by the Danish Consumer Council