Dr. Hauschka - Deodorising Foot Cream 30 ml

Dr. Hauschka - Deodorising Foot Cream 30 ml
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Brand: Dr. Hauschka
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Deodorising Foot Cream by Dr. Hauschka is especially developed for people with very warm feet. The foot cream absorbs moisture on the feet and reduces bad odor. In addition, it works soothing and counteracts heavy sweat production. The cream contains ingredients that work normally and give you a renewed sense of well-being. Last but not least, the cream keeps your feet dry and soft.Application:Apply a thin layerGently massage into the skinUse as neededHowever, several times a day on very warm skinBenefits:Deodorising Foot Cream from Dr. HauschkaProvides quick and efficient carePrevents heat and bad odorsQuickly penetrates the skinDoes not leave the skin oilyCan be used by all skin typesMakes your feet soft and dry