DUFFLashes - Goal Digger

DUFFLashes - Goal Digger
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Brand: DUFFLashes
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DUFFBeauty Lashes Premium 3D - Goal Digger is the unique upgrade of the So Kylie model - do your eyelashes need to be upgraded? The time has come for an upgrade of new proportions! This model is lighter than the So Kylie model, which actually makes it more recommendable. This new upgrade exudes sheer glam. These handmade lashes still have a lot of length and fullness, but it is in a more natural way, unlike the So Kylie model. This model gives you a more natural look that is by no means artificial. Therefore, this particular model is particularly good and recommendable for any event. You never have to worry about whether the lashes fit one event better than the other. Application: First, bend your lashes with a lash curler Then apply a little bit of mascara Then take the lash out of its box and bend the lash for a few seconds to make it more pliable Hold the lash up to your eye and measure if the length fits your eye. If it does not fit your eye, you can cut a little of the lash length Apply the glue along the flexible cotton band and wait 15-30 sec. NOTE! The glue must not be applied directly to the skin Place the lash along your lash line, then gently press the lash firmly to the edge If necessary, use small tweezers Remove again by gently pulling from one end Remove possible adhesive residue with makeup remover NOTE: Eyelash glue is not included Advantage: Consists of synthetic mink hair Tilt length 11 mm Can be used repeatedly - up to 25 times Easy to apply Equipped with 3D Effect