DUFFLashes - Lash Glue Black 7 g

DUFFLashes - Lash Glue Black 7 g
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Brand: DUFFLashes
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DUFFBeauty Lash Glue - Black is the glue you need for your magical eyelashes from DUFFLashes! A specially developed lash glue - only for DUFFLashes products - makes work easier! The properties of this glue mean that you can use your artificial eyelashes from DUFFLashes up to 25 times. This is because this lash glue is very strong, but at the same time the ingredients of the glue are very caring for the skin. The glue protects your skin against the synthetic mink hair that the lashes are made of. In addition, the glue dries quite quickly and is long-lasting as well as waterproof. Application: First, apply a very thin layer along the rubber edge of the lash line NOTE! Do not apply the glue directly to your skin! Then wait 15-30 seconds until the glue is firm and sticky Next, apply the lash to your own lash line, as much as possible Press gently and use a small pair of tweezers if necessary Advantage: Protects your skin from synthetic mink hair The glue ensures you up to 25 times the use of the eyelashes from DUFFLashes The glue dries quickly The glue is waterproof