DUFFLashes - Must Haves

DUFFLashes - Must Haves
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Brand: DUFFLashes
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DUFFBeauty Lashes Must Have Kit is the package you must not be without!Set of 3 eyelashes in the very highest quality!This set is the epitome of quality and is made for you who like to have a little different available. In this set, you get 3 eyelashes that are all different and give you a different look, and thus you can change eyelashes, depending on what event you are attending.This set is very popular as it is the fewest women who are only going to wedding, birthday or the cinema. That’s why it’s a nice set to have in your home, so you can always adapt, isn’t that great?The set contains:1 piece. DUFFBeauty Lashes Premium 3D - Date NightThese eyelashes are quality eyelashes that are absolutely perfect for you if you want a seductive and flirty look. You get volume and not least an extremely naughty cat-eye look, which makes you completely irresistible.1 piece. DUFFBeauty Lashes Premium 3D - Trophy WifeOf course, here are also some quality eyelashes, which give you an extremely sensual and seductive look, which makes your eyes extra beautiful and highlights them. You can use these eyelashes for any occasion.1 piece. DUFFBeauty Lashes Premium 3D - Goal DiggerLast but not least, the Goal Digger model is back. The epitome of sheer quality, you get some eyelashes which is a quality upgrade of the So Kylie model, however a lighter model. These lashes are the real glam lashes, which have lots of fullness and length, but in a very natural way, which is by no means exaggerated. The natural look that you get with these lashes means that you can use them for any occasion. It is only yourself who sets limits to your fantasies.Let go and increase your glamor. Let people notice you, because this set will let them notice you.Application:First, bend your lashes with a lash curlerThen apply a little bit of mascaraThen take the lash out of its box and bend the lash for a few seconds to make it more pliableHold the lash up to your eye and measure if the length fits your eye.If it does not fit your eye, you can cut a little of the lash lengthApply the glue along the flexible cotton band and wait 15-30 seconds until the glue becomes firm and sticky.NOTE! The glue must not be applied directly to the skinPlace the lash along your lash line, then gently press the lash firmly to the edgeIf necessary, use small tweezersRemove again by gently pulling from one endRemove possible adhesive residue with makeup removerNOTE: Eyelash glue is not includedAdvantage:Set of 3 different eyelashes for different occasionsConsists of synthetic mink hairEasy to useCan be used repeatedly - up to 25 timesEquipped with 3D effectVery popular set - always adapt to the apartmentsHand-tied eyelashes of the highest quality