Ecooking - Cleansing Scrub 125 ml

Ecooking - Cleansing Scrub 125 ml
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Brand: Ecooking
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This is an effective 2-in-1 product that both cleanses and exfoliates your skin at the same time. This facial scrub removes dead skin cells which is on the skin and is absorbing all the nourishment your skin would otherwise have had when applying your skin care products. Therefore, it is a must yo regularly remove the dead cells as they also make your skin look more gray and fatique. In addition, it cleanses deeply to keep your skin completely clean and smooth, ensuring that you have the best foundation to care for your skin fully. Ecooking Cleansing Scrub is enriched with natural and carefully measured lava rock, organic almond oil, organic aloe vera, pumice, glycolic acid, charcoal powder, as well as olive extract. Combining these ingredients results in a daily scrubbing cleanser that adds intense moisture, soothes and regenerates, increases blood circulation, exfoliates, stimulates skin cells and helps to remove a dull skin tone. Get your healthy and beautiful glow back with this wonderful vegan product.Application:Moisten your face with waterGently massage the Cleansing scrub onto face Avoid the delicate skin around the eyesRinse with lukewarm waterYou may finish with Skintonic before applying your favorite care productsBenefits:Super delicious 2-in-1 cleaning product from EcookingCleanser and scrub in oneRemoves dead skin cellsGives your skin its natural glow backAdds intense moistureSoothes your skinIncreases blood circulationVegan