Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia (Nordic Boxed version)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia (Nordic Boxed version)
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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia is the most exciting add-on pack for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game so far. With new countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark, you’ll have access to mile upon mile across these three beautiful countries. The new territory in Euro Truck Simulator 2 will also feature a total of 15 new ports and ferry locations that allow you to board the ferries directly.Exclusive content!Will include 12 exclusive paintjobs for your trucks that you only find in Wendros retail edition. On top of that the Scandinavia add-on will also include the “Viking Legends” paintjob pack with 6 all new Viking paintjobs for your fleet of trucks.Features in the game:The add-on will include more than 25 Scandinavian cities to explore. Discover cities like Stockholm, Oslo, Kobenhavn, Göteborg, Stavanger, Aalborg and Nynäshamn among others.Scandinavia will feature a total of 15 new ports and ferry locations that allow you to board the ferries directly.Transport a vast array of cargo across the whole Scandinavian peninsula.Run your own haulage business which will continue to expand even whilst you take on an array of contract haulage driving jobs yourselfBuild your own fleet of trucks, buy garages, hire drivers and manage your business for maximum profits.Tune your vehicles to keep them in tip top conditionCustomise your transport fleet with optional lights, bars, horns and beacons.Thousands of miles of real road networks with hundreds of famous landmarks and structures.The ports and ferry locations in the game:The ferries are an integral part of the game and SCS Software have worked hard with ship models and ferry locations in the game, closely reflect the ferry ports and ships you can see in real life. SCS Software spent a great amount of time to recreate this aspect of the Scandinavian ports in great detail - many of the ports in the expansion have the size of entire cities. The sea transportation network will allow you to use alternate connections between locations in Scandinavia and other territories of the map, as the ferries will also connect destinations in Poland and United Kingdom. At the same time, SCS Software wanted to avoid abuse of the ferry system that would allow players to just “hop” around the map quickly without the need for much driving, so the ferry network is intentionally not as dense as in the real world.