Ferm Living - Bow Candle Holder - Black (4244)

Ferm Living - Bow Candle Holder - Black (4244)
Brand: Ferm Living
Size: One Size
85 GBP
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A completely new approach to the classic candlestick Here you get a completely unique and exclusive candlestick made of marble, and then it is shaped like a semicircle. The design is an extension of Ferm Living’s geometric design DNA. This candlestick is truly very beautiful and creates a completely unique atmosphere in your home and on your table or window sill. Product info: Dimensions: W: 25 x H: 12.5 x D: 6 cm Material: Indian Selvara marble Ferm Living - Made with love Ferm Living is a Danish design company which was founded in 2005 by Trine Andersen. Ferm Living originally started as a graphic design studio, but was very successful and the design business expanded with home interiors. Ferm Living is known for their beautiful textiles and handicrafts for the home - both for children and adults. The hallmark of Ferm Living is Scandinavian design and retro charm.