Ferm Living - Vulca Vase Medium - Off-White (1104172842)

Ferm Living - Vulca Vase Medium - Off-White (1104172842)
Brand: Ferm Living
Size: M
135 GBP
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As picked from a cliff in Iceland, this vase is inspired by the beauty of the rugged and raw volcanic cliffs, as if it were molded by liquid lava.There is something magical about the greatness of volcanoes and the way they can shape and mold our planet. They can be both destructive and constructive, and Iceland is a great example of the beauty that can be created by the raw strength of volcanoes. Ferm Living has been inspired by that beauty in their design of this Vulca Vase, whose liquid shape and raw surface are reminiscent of the aesthetic beauty of volcanic rocks.The vase is made of stoneware with an offset white stony texture that has quite small, distinctive grains, which makes each vase unique. The vase is an elegant way to display your favorite flowers, but you can also easily refrain from putting things in, and let the vase be a statement in itself.Useful information about Ferm Living Vulca VaseMedium: W: 25 x H: 36 x D: 21 cmSize: W: 30 x H: 45 x D: 27 cmMaterial: Glazed stonewareCare instructions: Rinse in lukewarm water