Fisher-Price - Busy Activity Hive (GJW27)

Fisher-Price - Busy Activity Hive (GJW27)
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Brand: Fisher-Price
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Ding! Clack! Flip! Spin! There’s so much exciting play for baby beekeepers to discover at the Busy Activity Hive. Drop the coins through the top slot and watch them roll down and around the hive. For more hands-on fun, baby can bat the roller, flap the flipper, clack the beads and spin the roller. The Busy Activity Hive features a variety of textures and sounds to engage baby’s developing tactile and auditory senses as they play and explore. As they grasp and drop the coins in the slot, important fine motor skills are developing, like hand-eye coordination. And the coins can roll out a different side every time, surprising and delighting your curious tot.Fisher-Price might be almost 90 years old, but we don’t act a day over five. Because the only way you can make awesome things for babies and kids is to put yourself in their tiny shoes. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to put the fun back in functional baby gear and the play back in playtime. We’re heading back to childhood. Wanna come?Beehive-themed infant activity toy with 3 coins to drop through the slotsKeeps little hands busy with bat-at roller, flipper, clacker beads, honeycomb spinner and drop-through playFeatures real wood details plus metal bell and soft fabric leaf, wings and antennaeConvenient storage on back for the coinsFor baby beekeepers ages 9 months and older