Gillette - Fusion Power Blades 4 Pack

Gillette - Fusion Power Blades 4 Pack
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Brand: Gillette
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Gillette - Fusion Power Blades - Every blade in Fusion Power consist of 5 blades and one conversely blade to for an example trim sideburns. The blade has a blue color stripe that changes color, when the blade needs to be changed. Be sides this, the blade decreases the pressure on the skin and follows effectively the shapes of the face. On top of the blades, you find a precision trimmer, which makes it easy to shave the difficult places, for example under the nose. The razorblades secure that you get an effective shave, while it decreases irritation and redness. To make the shaving even more comfortable the blades are treated with natural oils and Vitamin E. The blades can be used on all scrapers in the Fusion series. The package contains 4 blades.Application:Use it to shave face hairHelps you get a precise shavingChange the blade, when the blue color changes. Benefits:Decreases skin irritation and rednessExtra precision trimmer for difficult placesFollows the shapes of the faceWorks with all scrapers in the Fusion series.Tells you, when you need to change the bladeGillette - We’ll stop making razorblades, when we can’t make them betterGillette is one of the most well-known brands all over the world, when we talk about shaving. King C. Gilette founded the Gillette Company back in 1901. Since then it was owned by Gillette Global and since 2007, Gilette is owned by Procter & Gamble. Gillette got there first patent on razors in 1903 and was until 1921, where the patent expired, the only ones on the market, which gave them a huge lead to their competitors. Gillette has always wanted the Gillette razors to be available to everyone, no matter which economy class they come from. Gillette is always working innovative and is always making themselves better and better. That’s why it isn’t odd, that one of their known quotes is: We’ll stop making razorblades, when we can’t make them better. Gillette’s giant selection of products contains, among other things, shavinggel, shavingcream, razorblades, razors and disposable razors. So here you will get all you need for an optimal and sharp shaving. Gillette offers quality products to men and women. For women Gillette Venus and Satin Care are the most popular and what you should aim for, if you want quality shaving and silky skin. For men there is Gillette Fusion, Gillette Mach3, Gillette Fusion Power, Gillette Fusion Proglide and last, but not least Gillette Fusion Proglide Power, which all offers a close shave to very good prices.