Good Luck Troll - Jimi Holstebro Zebra Troll - Small (93384)

Good Luck Troll - Jimi Holstebro Zebra Troll - Small (93384)
Brand: Lykketrold
Size: S
22 GBP
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We welcome the new collection of Troll Dolls. They are all designed with one purpose – to support The Danish Cancer Society. By Sommer, who is behind the Troll Doll, has gotten some of the best artists to design the new trolls. Together with the known Danish personalities the artists have designed the trolls, so they express the celebrity they are supposed to show in detail. The packaging shows, who the artist behind the specially designed troll is and which amount goes to The Danish Cancer Society.You support The Danish Cancer Society with 20 kr (2,50£), when you buy the little Jimi Holstebro Zebrs Troll and 30 kr (3,50£), when you buy the big one. The amount is excluding tax.Useful information about Lykketrold Jimi Holstebro Zebra TrollSize: 11 and 14 cm Material: Special ceramik