GOSH - 2 x Macadamia Oil Shampoo 450 ml

GOSH - 2 x Macadamia Oil Shampoo 450 ml
Categories: Empowerment
Brand: GOSH Copenhagen
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Pamper your hair with this set of 2 x Macadamia Shampoo from GOSH, which is a fantastic shampoo for all hair types. The shampoo cleanses the hair free of dirt and product residues, while at the same time giving the hair lots of moisture and nourishment. The shampoo leaves the hair with renewed life and with a healthy, clean and well-groomed look. Macadamia Shampoo from GOSH contains macadamia oil, which has a repairing and restorative effect, and is therefore ideal for dry and damaged hair. Application: Apply the shampoo on wet hair Massage it well into the scalp Rinse with plenty of water Advantage: Wonderful shampoo from GOSH Set of 2 pcs. Contains macadamia oil Dry and damaged hair Nourishes and moisturizes Repairs and rebuilds