Grow Your Own Red Hot Willy Peppers

Grow Your Own Red Hot Willy Peppers
Brand: Ohh Deer
Color: Red
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Ever fancied growing your own Red Hot Willy Pepper? Of course you have. Well, now you have the opportunity to grow a whole plant full of them! Everything you need for a bountiful harvest of red hot willy peppers is contained in this one cube. (‘Peter pepper chilies’ are perfect for salsas or Mexican dishes as they are very similar to jalapeños!) Instructions: Pour a little water on the pre-planted seeds every three days. Make sure the plant has enough light and warmth. Wait 12-18 days to see your seedling rise to the occasion out of the soil. Re-pot your willy plant after 6 months by placing the entire cube into a pot with soil. The eco-cube will decompose and turn into valuable fertiliser for the plant! Please note that the kit comes pre-planted. It does not contain a plant marker.