Harvest Life (Code in a Box)

Harvest Life (Code in a Box)
Categories: AdventureAdventure
Brand: Mindscape
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Become a successful farmer! Unexpectedly, your grandpa passes on to you a small idyllic farm, which seems to disintegrate when you look at it. Are you discouraged by the ailing condition or do you roll up your sleeves and skillfully lead the farm to new splendour and size? Make tricky decisions every day and become the most important farmer. Build your own farm and expand it successfullyProve your skills as an organic farmerCultivate pigs, cows, chickens and your own bee colony etc.Obtain fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs and honey and sell the goods profitablyImagine unexpected dangers such as wolvesSolve new adventurous questsTime management meets strategyLeveling system allows to increase the farmer’s abilitieAND MUCH MORE!