Hoptimist - Love Glitter Globe (640005-10)

Hoptimist - Love Glitter Globe (640005-10)
Categories: Love and Romance
Brand: Hoptimist
Size: One Size
37 GBP
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Love is like butterflies in your stomach that flutter around and make you float on a pink cloud. It also happened when you give a Love Glitter Snow globe to the one you love. It is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s or Father’s day, or just as a “thank you for you” gift. Shake it and let the love’s small red hearts and silver glitter fly around as a reminder of your big love for each other. The beautiful Love Glitter Snow globe is true love, no matter the format. It is to the one you love or care about the most. The perfect gift that does not need words. Useful information about Hoptimist Love Glitter GlobeSize: 10 cm Material: Glass