IdHAIR - Bestseller Wax 3 x 100 ml

IdHAIR - Bestseller Wax 3 x 100 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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Does gorgeous, well-fitting hair that lasts all day sound like something for you? With this 3-pack of bestsellers from the iconic idHAIR, you will be sure that every hair strand sits perfectly.In this 3-pack you get the opportunity to try the three different idHAIR variants Extreme Titanium 100 ml, Hard Gold 100 ml and Creative Fiber Wax 100 ml, so you’ll have hair wax for every occasion. Extreme Titanium and Hard Gold are both mud waxes and work best in short hair, while Creative Fiber Wax is a fiber wax that can be used in both short and medium hair. All three waxes provide hold and the ability to style the hair all day as well as a clear separation of the hair. The wax can also be easily rinsed out with warm water.Application:Use an appropriate amount of waxWarm the wax between your handsDistribute the wax in your hairStyles as desiredRe-style throughout the day