IdHAIR - Black Shampoo Total 3 in 1 1000 ml + Black Fiber Wax 100 ml

IdHAIR - Black Shampoo Total 3 in 1 1000 ml + Black Fiber Wax 100 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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Id hair black Total shampoo is a fantastic 3-in-1 product for both hair, body and shaving. The product adds lots of moisture to skin and hair. If Total shampoo is used when shaving, the product is foamed up on moisturized skin and shaved on normally. If the product is used as an ordinary shampoo, apply it to wet hair and lather up. Then rinse out the hair again. An ingenious product that has several functions!Application:When shaving, the product is foamed on moisturized skinAs the shampoo product is foamed up into the hair and then rinsed thoroughlyAs body shampoo-applied and foamed up on the body and rinsed thoroughly afterBenefits:3-in-1 product for hair, body and shavingAdds moisture to hair and hairId Hair Black Fiber Wax Men 100 ml. is a masculine fiber wax specially developed for men. This wax gives a good hold without greasy in the hair, and is at the same time very easy to use. The fibers in the wax make it easy to style and re-style the hair during the day, and it is easy to wash out the hair again. It can be used in both short and longer hair. In addition, it smells nicely masculine.Application:Heat the product lightly in the palmsDistribute it in the hairBenefits:Fiber wax for menGood hold without greaseFor short and long hairHas a masculine scent