IdHAIR - Black Shampoo Total 3 in 1 1000 ml

IdHAIR - Black Shampoo Total 3 in 1 1000 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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IdHair Black Total Shampoo 3-in-1 is the perfect set that you are missing in your everyday life!Now you can really take care of your hair and skin - better than any hairdresser!This set is for hair, body and shaving - it does not get better. Now you get rid of dry hair and skin as this product enriches your hair and skin with lots of moisture. This way you get rid of redness and dandruff. The shampoos enrich your hair and skin with health and care, as you achieve an extremely well-groomed appearance.Application:Shaving product: Foam up on moist skinHair shampoo: Foam it up into the hair, massage thoroughly into the hair, then rinse thoroughlyBody shampoo: Foam it up on your body and massage it thoroughly on your body.Then rinse the shampoo thoroughlyAdvantage:Your hair and skin get lots of moistureHair and body shampoo increases the health of your hair and bodyYou get a very well-groomed lookYou get a softer and more moisturized skin