IdHAIR - Elements Xclusive Dry Shampoo 150 ml

IdHAIR - Elements Xclusive Dry Shampoo 150 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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The dry shampoo that saves you many hours on weekdays! You absolutely need it!Here you get a dry shampoo that is suitable for all hair types. You do not have to worry about whether your hair is damaged by the product or not, nor do you have to worry about whether you get your hair washed profusely.You can simply use this dry shampoo, which has the ability to absorb grease and product residues, and thus cleanses your hair. Your hair gets a great refresh.In addition, your hair also gets more volume and delicious fullness, right down from the scalp. The dry shampoo also gives you a medium hold, which ensures that your hairstyle lasts all day long.All products from the Elements Xclusive series are fragrance-, paraben-, gluten- and sulphate-free. The products are also vegan.Application:The dry shampoo should be used on dry hairBefore use, shake the bottle thoroughlySpray the dry shampoo into the roots and massage it in thoroughly with your fingertipsLastly, you style your hair the way you wantBenefits:The dry shampoo is recommended for all hair typesIt has a light formulaThe dry shampoo absorbs fat from the scalpIt is refreshing andvolumetricPerfume, paraben, gluten and sulphate freeVegan