IdHAIR - Elements Xclusive Soft Paste 150 ml

IdHAIR - Elements Xclusive Soft Paste 150 ml
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Brand: Id Hair
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Id Hair Elements Xclusive Soft Paste - a unique paste that can really spice up your look!Style your hair just the way you want it!You can use this paste for short and slightly longer hair, as it is best suited for this. This paste ensures you a medium to flexible hold, and thus you can always re-style your hair during the day. You can also use this paste in both dry and damp hair, and it leaves you with a delicious medium shine.As this paste from IdHair has a wonderfully soft consistency, you can easily distribute it in the hair without it clumping or sticking in some places.The Elements Xclusive series is free of allergenic perfumes and is paraben-free. In addition, all the care products as well as a large part of the styling products are also vegan, gluten and sulphate free.Application:Distribute an even amount of the paste in the hairThen, style just the way you want itThe paste can be used in both damp and dry hairBenefits:The paste is recommended for all hair typesHas a soft consistency - makes it easy to distribute in the hairMedium glossCan be used to advantage in both short and slightly longer hairProvides a medium hold - ensures you the opportunity for re-styling during the dayNo added allergenic perfumesParabens, gluten and sulphate free