Insta360 - Battery for ONE X

Insta360 - Battery for ONE X
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Brand: Insta360
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Insta360 Battery for ONE XThe action camera needed a change. Resolution increases, built in app connectivity and incre-mental improvements are all well and good, but what about the actual improvements for action?That’s where the Insta360 One X comes in.Equipped with a 5.7k camera that captures in 360-degrees, improved slow-motion and the leading standard in gimbal-less stabilisation, Insta360’s FlowState, the One X leaps ahead of everything else, laying the foundations for greater content creation.Never be without your camera again, as the Insta360 One X now features a removable battery for you to hotswap when your other goes flat.Features:4.35V3.8V DC Power Rating 1200mah Capacity 25g WeightEAN: 6970357850426/ CINOXBT/A