Isle of Paradise - Dark Self Tanning Drops 30 ml

Isle of Paradise - Dark Self Tanning Drops 30 ml
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Brand: Isle of Paradise
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Vegan Tanning Drops that can give you the most delicious summer glow at all times of the year.Isle Of Paradise Dark Self Tanning Drops Face & Body is the companion of all skin types when it comes to an easy build-up tan. These self-tanning drops are enriched with violet color correcting assets that create a wonderful tan. The self-tanning drops are extremely moisturizing, and you can use them for both face and body.You are guaranteed control over how dark you want to build your tan with these drops. The product is vegan and not tested on animals.Application:Add 2-12 drops to your preferred moisturizer and mix well.Apply the mixture on the skin.Wash your hands thoroughly after application to avoid lines on your hands.Advantage:The perfect tan glowCan be added to your favorite moisturizerContains violet assetsVeganNot tested on animals