Jack Black - Post Shave Cooling Gel 97 ml

Jack Black - Post Shave Cooling Gel 97 ml
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Brand: Jack Black
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Take good care of your skin after shaving with this gel that relieves irritated skin and redness.Do you suffer from small cuts and irritation after shaving? This soothing, fragrance-free and non-alcoholic aftershave gel soothes and moisturizes your skin. Sage, rosemary and lavender fight bacteria and promote the healing of minor wounds and cuts. The gel also contains extract from aloe leaves, chamomile and witch hazel, which nourishes the skin as well as lemon balm, which is a protective antioxidant. The cooling gel is also perfect for soothing discomfort if you have been sunburned.Application:Apply a small amount on face and neck immediately after shavingAdvantage:Cooling gel from Jack BlackRelieves irritated skin after shavingFights bacteriaPromotes the healing of minor wounds and cutsNourishes and protects the skinSoothes discomfort when sunburned