Jingle Bells LED Christmas Sweater - L

Jingle Bells LED Christmas Sweater - L
Brand: Made in china
Size: L
29 GBP
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A Christmas sweater with LED lights and the world’s coolest Rudolf? We know. It sounds too good to be true.Are you the type who starts decorating and listening to Christmas songs in late October? Then this Christmas sweater will be the the right thing for you. Now you can stay warm and get in the Christmas spirit at the same time - your fellow Christmas enthusiasts will totally envy you!Rudolf has never been as street as he is on this Christmas sweater. Get the party started on the dance floor with Rudolf and the eight LED lights in the antlers!Details:The material is 100% non-scratching acrylicIt is not recommended to wash the sweater. The candles are sewn into the shirt, and it is therefore at your own risk if the shirt is washed